Leverage Your Superpower

As students navigate college, they sometimes find themselves wondering what comes next. After all, college is temporary. It is a detour between high school and working life that, if all goes well, will somehow transform you into someone ready for a good job.
This is a little bit true, and a little bit of a fantasy. College is not unlike basic training in the military. The analogy is a bit stretched, but bear with me. In combat, you learn a bunch of skills and you get fit. Does this make you combat-ready? You are more ready for combat after basic training than you were before basic training. That does not make you ready for situations you would experience in combat. Likewise, college makes you more ready for a good job after graduation, but that does not mean you are ready to walk right into a good job.
A college degree will get you further in life than not having any post-high school training, but it is not enough. You have other skills that when combined with your college degree will make you unstoppable.
Skills? What skills?
Do you ever notice how your friends point out that you are really good at something? Your friends seem to think that you can do that one thing better than anyone else they know. We all have a skill or two that does not seem that special to us, but other people find amazing. Maybe you can write formulas in Excel. Or perhaps you are a great storyteller. You are the go-to gal for copy-editing. You are a WordPress master. You are good at something.
How do you make take your skill and turn it into a career? Charlie Hoehn’s TED Talk might point you in the right direction.
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