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What Is Your Major Worth?

I hate this question. It is crass. It reduces education to a commodity, an economic investment. Pay X today, and increase your earnings power Y over your lifetime. It assumes education is something that benefits individuals, and does not recognize … Continue reading

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You Need A Mentor

If you want to supercharge the value you are getting from college, find one or more mentors. You might not know or have a vague idea of what a mentor is. A mentor is someone who is more experienced than … Continue reading

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So What’s Your Major?

Tell me, how do you want to spend your working life? What job do you want? Please figure that out by the end of the term, or if absolutely necessary, by the end of the academic year, so we can … Continue reading

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Stand and Deliver To Perform Better

“Welcome to college, please have a seat.” We sit in class to take notes or engage in discussions. We sit while writing papers. We sit while studying for quizzes and exams. And we sit for those, too. A typical person … Continue reading

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